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Why Isn’t The TRON MainNet Launch Having An Effect?
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Why Isn’t The TRON MainNet Launch Having An Effect?

TRON is about to make a huge move from the Ethereum blockchain, onto its own blockchain, bringing with it a new TRX token which no longer has bearing on Ethereum’s ERC-20 token. In anticipation for the launch of the MainNet, we really did expect to see the value of TRON move upwards. Now, recent market patterns have sort of prevented this from happening, overall though, TRON does look to be putting in an especially bad performance, given the potential hype that this launch should be bringing. Maybe this will change in a week or so, but with 15 days until the MainNet is launched, it is starting to look a bit like nobody is really that bothered about TRON. Moreover, maybe investors are worried that the launch will fail, so are getting out now before it’s too late. At the time of writing, TRONs TRX is valued at $0.069, down 6.20%. Overall throughout May, as the MainNet launch gets closer, TRX has slowly declined in price. Yes, it has seen some spikes but generally these have been short lived and thus have soon been corrected. As it stands, TRON is now moving back down towards its monthly low of $0.061, consider that at the end of April, TRON hit $0.10, all of a sudden, this apparent decline from TRON does look to be quite serious. The MainNet promises increased trading volume and a market capitalisation that will push TRON into the top three currencies, at least that’s what the TRON Foundation are holding out for. We have also heard rumours of a potential TRON listing on Coinbase once the MainNet has launched, check out our coverage of this story, here- With all this in mind, you do have to wonder why TRON seems to be struggling on at such a low value. Overall the markets have impacted TRON, but you would expect optimism through anticipation to get in the way of this. Justin Sun and the TRON Foundation don’t seem worried at the moment, although given the figures, I would expect them to at least start to question what is going to happen in the next few weeks, if TRON doesn’t pick up pace, leading up to the MainNet launch. Let’s see how things look in two weeks’ time.

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