ICON Skyrockets With New Partnership Announcement

ICON Skyrockets With New Partnership Announcement

ICON is a cryptocurrency with great promise. Presently ranked 22nd for market capitalisation, you could argue that ICON is riding a solid position in amongst the big players of the cryptocurrency world. Sitting just outside the top 20 is no doubt frustrating for the ICON team, however, positive news and good movements could easily see ICON move up into the top 20, with ease. At the time of writing, ICON is valued at $2.70, up 17.75%. Okay, so ICON is a long way off its all time high of over $12.00, however, ICON isn’t presently challenging that figure, so therefore the all time high draws an unfair comparison. Instead, we should look at the possibility of ICON hitting over $5.00, a figure not seen since mid-February. This latest partnership announcement at the very least, puts ICON in a strong position to do just that. According to a Medium post by ICON, today, ICON have announced a new ‘strategic’ partnership with Venture Capitalists, TRIVE. TRIVE is a Singapore based firm which invests in start-ups that operate within the realms of deep learning, blockchain, artificial intelligence, data science and fintech. They aim to equip start-ups and empower new businesses, offering financial assistance with projects that TRIVE believe have great bearing on the future for digital technologies. According to Medium post:

“As ICON’s strategic partner in Southeast Asia, TRIVE will also provide green lane assessments of start-ups for expedited access to support from ICON. This would accelerate the development of new blockchain projects from Southeast Asia onto the ICON network. The overarching goal is to unify various blockchain assets across the region to realise the potential of blockchain for Southeast Asian economies.”

See the full post for yourself, here- https://medium.com/helloiconworld/icon-partners-with-trive-ca160976484 Moreover, this partnership will see the creation of a new ICON based education programme, providing ICON based blockchain courses to students in Southeast Asia and will also see integration between ICON and TRIVE’s programming schools at the Upcode Academy in Singapore and the Coder School in Vietnam. According to JH Kim, a Foundation Council Member at ICON:

“The ICON Foundation’s purpose is to promote and develop new technologies and applications in the fields of open source and decentralized software architectures. The partnership with TRIVE will allow ICON to not only educate the public on blockchain technology, but also expand ICON’s ecosystem and community. Singapore and Vietnam are at the centre of blockchain innovation in Southeast Asia, and we are excited to work with TRIVE to further realise the full potential of blockchain in this region.” 

This news has triggered a great response at least for the value of ICON, moving upwards towards that $5.00 target. Whilst it is a way off, as this materialises and as the markets gain momentum, we could see $5.00 breached sooner than we think. Overall, this could be the start of an exciting new era for ICON and for cryptocurrencies within Singapore and Vietnam. ICON, together with TRIVE are now looking to spearhead a new blockchain revolution in Southeast Asia.

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