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Crypto Will Be Flying High In 6 Months Time

Crypto Will Be Flying High In 6 Months Time
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Yesterday, we saw some reports that stated Bitcoin could reach $20,000.00 in just 6 months time. As we know $20,000.00 marks an ultimate goal for Bitcoin. Granted, for many this is just a starting point, with many investors believing Bitcoin is worth far more than that, overall though, we believe $20,000.00 offers a strong target, for Bitcoin, for now at least. What we are saying here is, let’s take this a few small steps at a time. CEO of Brazilian Trading Platform Atlas Quantum, Rodrigo Marques has told Market Watch that he expects Bitcoin to reach $20,000.00 in just 6 months time. You can see the full report by Market Watch, for yourself, here- This would mean that by November, we could expect to see Bitcoin reach new heights. If this happens, we can be sure that the rest of the markets would follow suit. According to Market Watch:
“Bitcoin, the world’s biggest digital currency on Monday, traded higher, punching above $8,500 in early action. However, the digital-currency market more broadly wasn’t faring as well, with most virtual assets kicking off the week in decline.”
“Despite the sluggish start to the week, sentiment remains high. The CEO of Atlas Quantum, one of Brazil’s largest crypto trading platforms, Rodrigo Marques, said in an email to MarketWatch that the move under $8,000 was an interim low for bitcoin, adding that he expects bitcoin to reach $20,000 in six months, recapturing levels it hasn’t approached since December.”
When people with such authority speak about these issues, it’s very important to read into them. We can’t ever fully predict cryptocurrency markets, they are volatile by nature and thus, don’t follow traditional rules and conventions. Sometimes, in cryptocurrency, things happen for no reason. Of course, other external factors such as politics, mainstream finance and general world feeling can impact cryptocurrencies. Since we can’t predict how the world will stand politically in 6 months time, we can’t truly predict how cryptocurrencies will stand, either. Therefore I urge you to take Marques advice as speculation. Before you decide to invest, work out if you think Bitcoin will hit $20,000.00 in 6 months time? If it does, will this benefit you? Above all, trade safe and of course, trade well.

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