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The Crypto Refresh May 28th
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The Crypto Refresh May 28th

TGIM! (Thank God Its Monday?) We usually do this on Friday, but Monday works too right? It’s Crypto Refresh time, the time of the week when we re-do the news for you. In case you’ve been asleep all week, or in case you’ve been far too busy to check us out, we like to give you a helping hand. A fresh review of the week’s news stories, served to you on a plate with lashings of gravy, all the trimmings and a big slice of fulfilment. It’s the TL;DR of the week! The rise and fall of TRON TRON and the TRON Foundation have been eagerly awaiting the 31st of May, the date which will see the roll out of the new TRON MainNet. This has been met with plenty of anticipation, however the markets have seen TRONs fire somewhat doused. Recently, we have seen TRON up 17%, yet through the week, TRON has made steady tracks downwards. This is nothing against TRON, nor is it the fault of TRON, it is simply just a case of a bearish market, dragging values down and with it, hope. Bears take over Yes, this week the markets have seen some real declines. The bears have well and truly taken over. With values dropping left, right and centre, we have seen some real targets surpassed. As a result of this, we expect the markets to see some resistance in the coming days. As we write this, the markets are starting to look more positive thus at least, we can now see some elements of a recovery in sight. Overall though, a lot of damage has been inflicted this week. Things will recover, we just can’t be sure of when this will happen exactly. Bitcoin pizza day This week, saw the return of Bitcoin Pizza Day, an annual celebration designed to show off how the value of Bitcoin has changed over the years. It’s all a bit silly really, but it gives the community something to have a laugh about, that can’t be a bad thing can it? Walmart break into blockchain This week, US commerce giants Walmart have filed a patent for a blockchain based marketplace. The essence of it, is a blockchain based eBay, designed for Walmart customers to sell off Walmart products they have purchased, but no longer require. Its an interesting step forward, considering that Walmart are sturdy partners with MoneyGram, who, are also partners with Ripple. Could we finally see that Walmart x Ripple partnership take hold? Maybe so… Argentinian bank replace SWIFT with Bitcoin A bank in Argentina have carried out some cross-border money transfers using Bitcoin instead of SWIFT. This could see SWIFT payments replaced altogether in favour of Bitcoin, something that could see Bitcoin adoption skyrocket in the country. Verge suffer another 51% attack Verge have fallen victim of another 51% attack that has inflicted some real damage, not only to the network, but to the falling reputation of Verge. Things seem to be going from bad to worse for these guys, nobody knows what to make of it at the moment, all we know thus far is that the Verge team are supposedly working to ensure this doesn’t happen again… just like last time. Similarly, Bitcoin Gold have also fallen victim to a similar attack, something that the Bitcoin Gold team are now trying to rectify also. Ashton Kutcher donates Ripple Ashton Kutcher, Hollywood superstar has made a donation of around $4 Million worth in XRP to an animal charity, fronted by TV host Ellen DeGeneres. The donation is said to be towards a project helping Gorillas in the wild. Malta, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Norway More countries have piped up this week with their differing views and opinions of cryptocurrencies. It is exciting to see that overall, conversations are being started at an incredible rate. Agendas aside, this is a really great thing for cryptocurrencies. John McAfee back at it Crypto superstar John McAfee has been back at it this week, with his wild predictions and ideas about cryptocurrency bull runs. Let’s hope he’s right this time. If this is indeed the case, expect the markets to skyrocket next month. That’s about it for you. A lot has gone on, so if you want to full update, trawl through our archives for plenty of impartial, up to date and hopefully useful stories. Head to our breaking news for the finest crypto-content!

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