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Bytecoin Sees More Exponential Growth

Bytecoin Sees More Exponential Growth
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Bytecoin have recently tweeted about the current bear market, crushing values and thus, crushing optimism, especially for new investors who may not have experienced these sorts of droughts before. As Bytecoin argue though, a change must happen, soon enough, we have started to see just that. Since this tweet, the markets have taken a turn, a turn in a positive direction which is forcing many currencies to start racking up value. As the start of this surge, Bytecoin managed to jump up by 30%, giving the Bytecoin team something to get very excited about. Of course, we aren’t seeing the sort of growth that the Binance listing contributed to here, however as we know, that killed the network briefly, so perhaps a 30% rise exists as a comfortable limit, for now. How is Bytecoin performing at the moment? Well, it seems as if the 30% rise has tailed off somewhat, however, overall things are still looking good. At the time of writing, Bytecoin is valued at $0.0066, up 19.67%. This is interesting given that near neighbours Binance Coin and Qtum are only up 3.78% and 5.51% respectively, suggesting that something bigger is happening with Bytecoin here. After some research, it does seem that as it stands, nothing out of the ordinary or significant has taken over and really, what we are seeing from Bytecoin is organic growth. Therefore, we might assume that the large jump from Bytecoin is marginally down to some correction taking place, as well as of course, Bytecoin taking advantage of the present market surge. How long will this last? At the moment, we can’t be too sure. We hope to see this trend continue through the next few days, giving us some optimistic projections for what to expect in June, however, as the bulls haven’t totally taken over yet, we can’t just assume that this will be the case, instead, we can only expect that this positive trend will tail off. Even if it does, its not necessarily a bad thing, it just means we need to wait a little longer before we see a real surge take over. For now, Bytecoin remains as a currency to watch. This could be the start of something far bigger, that’s something we can all get excited about.

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