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Ripple XRP Shoots Up Again, $1.00 Nears

Ripple XRP Shoots Up Again, $1.00 Nears
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We all awake today hoping to see a similar event to what we saw at the end of last week. Friday the 13th turned out to be quite lucky, as opposed to the traditional rumours that it is a day purely of bad luck. Last week, we saw a huge market surge start on Friday, a surge which seemed to run right through the weekend, before tailing off by Monday. Experts are predicting another run soon, will it be today? If not, things are certainly looking up for Ripple regardless. Ripple, has breached the $0.80 mark, this is huge news, could Ripple hit $1.00 soon? Let’s take a look at the figures. At the time of writing, Ripple is valued at $0.86 and is currently up, a massive 19.43%. We saw this pattern start yesterday, at around 22:00 UK time, we saw Ripple move from $0.74, reaching a huge $0.87 in a matter of hours. Since the spike, things did tail off under an inevitable correct, however, going into this morning, Ripple is back up again, moving from $0.81, through to the $0.86 we see at the time of writing. It does look as if this trend is set to continue. This really good form for Ripple, is really good news. The big target for the value of XRP sits at around $3.00 for most people. This is contested of course, some believe Ripple has the capacity to reach $10.00, as this seems to be a way off however, we think $3.00 is far more realistic, at the moment at least. We could of course see $10.00 towards the end of the year, if we see a similar reaction within the markets, leading to another end of year cryptocurrency boom. If these gains continue today, then Ripple could hit $1.00 over the weekend. Breaching the $0.80 is a big deal, especially considering just a few days ago, Ripple was balanced at around $0.65, during this time, many people considered Ripple to be doing ‘alright’ too. Now look… Many people have strong feelings about Ripple XRP and the Ripple team. Their work towards cryptocurrency adoption seems endless, they have a wealth of partnerships already and seem to promise so much more. By targeting central banks and big money distributers, Ripple believe they have found the most suitable route into cryptocurrency adoption. It is no wodner that XRP is doing so well. In fact, many people would expect it to be doing even better than it is now, considering the scale of the work by the Ripple team. As ever, this is not investment advice, this is just a short analysis of how Ripple has performed over the past few days. As the price is surging we expect the value to hit some heights, it could possibly reach $1.00 over the weekend, even if it does however, hold on, this could be the start of something bigger for what now seems to be, a rapidly expanding cryptocurrency.

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