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Momentous Cryptocurrency Partnership

Momentous Cryptocurrency Partnership
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This one really is momentous, quite literally. A press release out today suggests that Momentous Entertainment Group MMEG will start to accept cryptocurrency payments as a payment option within their platforms. This of course, is yet one step closer to the world of cryptocurrency adoption many of us dream of. Who are Momentous Entertainment Group? MMEG are a digital media company that provide a subscription service for its customers. MMEG’s services include the production and service of mobile entertainment games (games including the famous Candy Crush Saga), Ignis Studios, a service which produces MMORPG style games, a music streaming service and a nutrition and health guidance application. According to the press release MMEG are committed to improving their current services but now find themselves in a position in which they are now looking to develop future partnerships that will help drive MMEG into the future, a future which seems to use blockchain technology. Within the announcement by MMEG, the company have appointed a new Chief of Digital Currency, Andrew Birnbaum, a former CEO of a cryptocurrency exchange. This appointment suggests that MMEG are pretty serious about cryptocurrency integration, not just as a payment option within games, but moreover, perhaps they are considering the creation of their own cryptocurrency or even there own exchange format. According to the press release on, Birnbaum has said:
“After consultations with several prominent SEC attorneys, we believe that, to our knowledge, there has not been a publicly traded company that accepts digital currency as a form of investment. We are very excited about providing the opportunity to individuals, companies and funds that want to participate in a regulated environment.”
This is yet another positive move for cryptocurrency adoption. Games like Candy Crush Saga are now huge entities, they exist as simple to play mobile phone applications that attract millions of users. With cryptocurrency looking like a big part of the future of these games, MMEG are getting well ahead of the markets and seem to be preparing for a whole new style of mobile phone gaming. Professional ESports have been exploring this concept for a while, but that’s expected, these, frankly less serious games seem to be next in the cross hairs of the blockchain revolution however. Let’s keep an eye on MMEG’s movements over the next few weeks. It’s very exciting at the very least.

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