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Managing Director of Comcast, Sure That Bitcoin Is The Future

Managing Director of Comcast, Sure That Bitcoin Is The Future
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After a recent report by CNBC, the Managing Director of Comcast Ventures, Gil Beyda has affirmed the companies stance on the blockchain and on cryptocurrencies, stating that his team “remain bullish on blockchain and its application to major industries as well as to upcoming elections”. The reference to elections is an interesting point, I do believe this is in reference to blockchain based voting systems, perhaps this is a subtle reference to the recent scandal with regards to Russian intervention within the Donald Trump campaign etc, who knows? The important thing to take from this is that Comcast Ventures and Comcast specifically, is the home to some of the biggest broadcasting brands in the world, including CNBC. You can see the full video report for yourself, here- It is worth noting that Comcast is considered to be one of the largest  media service providers in the world, with around 22,516,000 subscribers. In 2017, Comcast reported a revenue of $84.53Billion. So, clearly Comcast have an interest in cryptocurrencies. Moreover, you could argue they have the assets behind them to buy in to the revolution. Now I’m not saying they are going to make their own cryptocurrency, nor will they start accepting Ethereum for cable TV payments. I also doubt Bitcoin will start being accepted within the bunch of theme parks Comcast own, however, I do believe the communication formats owned by Comcast could prove to be vital for spreading the message and the news of cryptocurrencies. Hey, CNBC, start sharing our articles already! Beyda believes that cryptocurrency is now ready for adoption and ready for the revolution. However, he also believes that cryptocurrency still needs to find “that killer app” an application for cryptocurrency that will drive its use into the mainstream. Beyda discusses other existing applications for the technology, including content distribution, e-commerce, social media and as previously mentioned, voting. It really looks as if Beyda is seeing the future for blockchain technology from a very open and positive viewpoint. It is refreshing that a person with such power is able to call out the blockchain revolution for its many inherent advantages and is not latching on to the small amount of bad press it receives. With such a powerful corporation behind this, led by a person who wants to see cryptocurrency adoption, I don’t think it will be too long before we see more positive movements come from the Comcast camp. Who knows, maybe they will build a Bitcoin theme park after all? Cryptocurrency is a rollercoaster after all!

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