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iBlockchain Summit 2018

iBlockchain Summit 2018 Date: May 18-19, 2018 Venue: Great China International Exchange Square, Shenzhen China 2018 iBlockchainSummit (IBS) will be held in the fabulous Great China International Exchange Square of Shenzhen City on May 18-19. The Expo is a two-day event for the blockchain ecosystem of the world to network and reach potential deals. Nowadays, Chinese government is working hard on the supervision and advancing blockchain projects and the blueprint for future industrial blockchain planning. Accelerating the inclusion of blockchain technology into China's industrial development will be an imperative move. On one hand, it attaches great importance to the technical value of blockchain projects and strives to develop technologies. On the other hand, it actively incorporates blockchain projects into commercial scenarios to develop its industrial and commercial value. You will not miss the event if you want to know the trend of blockchain in Asia and especially in China. Blockchain of the year 2018 and blockchain related service providers will give presentations of their lastest insights and discuss recent blockchain policies and market potentials in the future. If you are interested in more details of IBS°Øs booth, speaking and award, welcome to contact us at [email protected] Contact details: Tel: +86 21 3126 1015 Email: [email protected] Website: iBlockchain Summit 2018 Logo

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