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The Future Of Cardano, Is Cardano The Future?
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The Future Of Cardano, Is Cardano The Future?

Where do we see Cardano going? Is Cardano the future? Today, the currency stands at a value of $0.15, is up 2.72% and has a market cap of $4,012,421,582 at the time of writing. This comes off the back of a bumpy start to April and of course a very bumpy start to 2018. At it’s peak, Cardano almost hit $1.30 back in January, can we see this this happening again in the future? Well, lets go even further back, right to the inception of the currency. Since then. According to Smartereum, Cardano has given a return of over 1500%, moreover Smartereum believe that this year’s forecast sends it up towards $2.50 this time next year, a 6-fold increase. How about ten years’ time? Well, apparently, Cardano could reach $10. These figures could suggest that Cardano is indeed the future, but its outlook sets it out to be a bit of a slow burner. Is it worth waiting ten years for the currency to reach that $10 target? Moreover, we must consider that since Cardano is not blue-chip and thus is not sold in huge quantities, its volume is able to bounce around a bit, meaning as a short-term investment you can’t really expect much of a return. This brings us back to that ten-year waiting list then doesn’t it. Maybe, ten years is more attractive given that as a short-term investment, Cardano might not be your optimum choice. By viewing Cardano’s roadmap online, we can see exactly how the team plan to reach both the $2.50 and $10 targets. Their next big move will involve the launch of an IELE Testnet, which should take place this month. At present though, there are still no official details about this on their roadmap. What next? The team seem to be focused on performance improvement and scalability & assurance, these are the factors that could really drive the price of Cardano up, should the markets allow it to over the next few weeks and coming months. Take a look at the Cardano Roadmap here and see for yourself, there’s an announcement to be made in 22 days’ time, if this is the currency you are watching, maybe stick that date in your calendar. See the roadmap for yourself, here-

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