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Exclusive Members Club Now Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments In Anticipation For Two Day Event

Exclusive Members Club Now Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments In Anticipation For Two Day Event
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In April, a two day Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (ABC) Forum 2018, event is being held at the Florida Alternative Investment Association. The conference will look at key developments in the huge field of cryptocurrencies, and will include the latest updates on initial coin offerings, regulations, futures, ETFs, trading and investing. In preparation for this event, the high profile, exclusive members club is now accepting membership payments in cryptocurrency, despite the rocky start to the year that it has had. The first company to pay for their membership in cryptocurrency was TLDR Capital, a blockchain advisory firm who paid in Bitcoin. The event will take place on Wednesday 25th April and will end the following day. The first day will feature a number of 30 minute table talks, which will be co-hosted by an industry expert. After the table talks have finished the participants will be offered a Chopra Coaching Session, followed by a cocktail reception. The second day will focus more on the investing, regulation and artificial intelligence side of things, and they will offer a number of different panels, including; ‘Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies: A New Asset Class’; and ‘Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Regulations: 2018 Outlook’. The participants will also have the chance to have a fireside chat with Michael Sonnenstein of Greyscale, titled ‘Demystifying Cryptocurrencies’, where he will be interviews by cryptocurrency investor, Greg Landegger. Finally, the two day event will end with more panels, titled; ‘Best Practices for Launching and Investing in ICOs’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Software Applications’. All of the experts that will hosting these panels are highly qualified, and the event has been designed to be highly informative.

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