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EOS Makes Steady Gains And Continues To Grow

EOS Makes Steady Gains And Continues To Grow
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Following the trend of the week, the trend of the month and generally the trend of the year, once again the cryptocurrency markets are in the red. At the time of writing this, Bitcoin is down 3%, Ethereum is down 3%, Ripple is down 5% and even high performer this week TRON, is down almost 11%. EOS on the other hand is making steady progress, up at almost 6% this morning with no sign of a lapse in sight. EOS has started the month with a steady climb, and despite a few falls it continues to move in a positive direction, this is most admirable when you look at the performance of its neighbours. Currently valued at $6.03, EOS has gained around 10% over Bitcoin and Ethereum of late, perhaps it’s on its way back to it’s recent heights of $17? Maybe the good performance from EOS is as a result of their new release – ‘EOSIO Dawn 3.0.’ This is a blockchain application building platform, coined by EOS to be ‘The most powerful infrastructure for decentralised applications’. The media hype surrounding this has been minimal, this tweet for example has only accumulated 165 re-tweets and 490 likes (at the time of writing) so I do wonder how much of an effect this has had on the value of EOS, perhaps it’s gains really are simply down to the organic interactions happening with EOS on the blockchain, compared to the interactions or therein lack of interactions between its neighbours and rivals. Regardless of this, the facts are clear, EOS is looking to be growing at a healthy rate, which really does make a nice change. The past few days have seen a steady maintenance from the currency that looks to be breaking away from the trends set by Bitcoin and Ethereum. EOS is the one to watch going into the weekend. Things will change and really there’s no way of knowing which direction EOS will take. I believe that if some sort of hype develops around EOSIO Dawn 3.0 then this weekend will see further interest in the EOS platform and will potentially see further gains for the currency. I’m certain that at the moment however, the team will take absolutely anything they can get with the overall forecast looking wet and bleak going into next week. Featured Image Original Source: Pixabay

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