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BAT Up 40% Thanks To New Partnership

BAT Up 40% Thanks To New Partnership
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Basic Attention Token (BAT), you’ve probably heard of it, but what exactly is it? BAT is the product of Brave, a privacy focused web browser, combined with a blockchain incentive system. Brave is a native ad blocking system that has been set up to help streamline the digital advertising world by offering users, publishers and advertisers a new format for web browsing, in that users can be rewarded for watching ads and of course, publishers and advertisers can be rewarded for being honest. In Brave, malicious content is blocked and honest advertising is allowed to flourish. Have a look at Brave for yourself, here- BAT, is the currency that compliments the project. Very recently, it has made some stunning ground thanks to a new partnership announcement with the Dow Jones Media Company. The partnership with Dow Jones gives both Brave and BAT the opportunity to embark on some new projects, already, Brave users have already been subscribed to a free MarketWatch Premium newsletter. Moreover, Dow Jones will be looking to integrate the Brave browser within their operations now and have already suggested plans that will see some of Dow Jones’ websites, such as the Wall Street Journal, become optimised for the Brave browser. This partnership is huge, for a currency that is still quite hidden. Of the two systems, Brave certainly seems to be the focus point, but, with the Dow Jones partnership pushing up the value of BAT, perhaps now we will see some much needed interest and indeed, investment flood into the currency side of the project. Since the announcement, at the time of writing, BAT stands at $0.37, up 31.08%. From the onset of the announcement over last night, BAT has gained 40% and looks to be continuing it’s forward momentum. This, is great evidence to suggests that the Dow Jones announcement has had a great impact on the value of the currency and will encourage investors to start buying. Moreover, perhaps when new investors jump on board, and start to see the benefits of the Brave browser too, the team should open up a whole new customer base of users, using Brave and trading BAT. What will happen now? In terms of BAT itself, we expect to see further gains through the day as news of this announcement continues to reach the wider audience. As I have said, I suspect that this will have a profound impact on Brave browser use as well, suggesting that the team behind all this, could flourish over the coming months. If, as expected, another market surge occurs then, off the back of this announcement we could see BAT make some huge gains up towards $1.00. That would provide an incredible format for BAT, going into this fresh new partnership. For now, keep your eyes on this currency, it offers a very interesting incentive and, seems to be making great tracks of late. BAT, is one to watch.

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