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40% Of People Already Prepared To Accept Salary As Cryptocurrency

Research carried out by cryptocurrency exchange Midex has revealed that 40% of people are already prepared to accept their salary in cryptocurrencies.

They conducted an experiment to look into the public perception of cryptocurrency, and fifty different employees were selected from five international organisations. They were all told that they had the option of being paid in cryptocurrency instead of traditional money.

Although all participants expressed surprise, the results were somewhat amusing. Some expressed their views against cryptocurrencies believing that it was a bubble that would not last, whilst others worried about the legality of the situation; however, perhaps the most surprising was that 36% of those asked were happy to have part of their salary paid in cryptocurrency, whilst the other 4% were prepared to have it all paid in virtual currencies.

GMO Internet, announced at the end of last year that it would be offering the option of Bitcoin-denominated salaries to workers from March of this year. With over 4,000 employees, this could mean big things for Bitcoin, and is definitely something to watch.

According to the Midex website, the cryptocurrency exchange has ‘no extant analogues in the world’. On top of this, it boasts that ‘mistakes and compromises’ are completely eliminated by their use of neural networks and smart-contracts. They combine blockchain technology with modern banking.

The ICO however; is ongoing. To date, it has sold almost 18 million MDX tokens, but they are still looking to sell more, and are aiming to hit 25 million. They are being sold for 0.00296 ETH per token, which equates to almost $20.5 million.


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