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The 31st of May Will See TRON Sky Rocket

The 31st of May Will See TRON Sky Rocket
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TRON looks to be more promising by the day. Backed by an innovative and creative team at the TRON foundation, the progression of TRON and it’s TRX currency is frankly outstanding. We know that since the inception of the TRON TestNet in March the team have been developing a system within the TRON network that promises to facilitate an enormous level of transactions per second. Ethereum World News report that altogether, when the MainNet is launched, this could facilitate up to 10,000 transactions per second. That’s an awful lot of transactions. According to Ethereum World News:
“This will be made possible through further optimization of the network once it is released. The Tron Foundation aims to improve the network per quarter of the year. The MainNet to be released in Q2 will focus on security and performance. The aspect of security is particularly important in the Crypto-verse especially after Ethereum smart contracts have been discovered to be having vulnerabilities that jeopardize the funds of users. The Tron Foundation does not want a similar situation.”
Now, the launch of the MainNet is currently set to be the 31st of May 2018. Therefore in anticipation for this, we expect the value of TRON to skyrocket, that is the nature of cryptocurrencies after all. Should the launch of the MainNet be successful then we can expect this surge for TRON to continue, past the 31st of May and into June for sure. How does TRON stand today? TRON is currently valued at $0.069 and is up 0.03%. Importantly, TRON is creeping up on NEO which currently sits in 10th place for market capitalisation. If TRON is able to take this spot, we will certainly see its value continue to rise. Bad news for NEO overall. What could we expect from a TRON surge in May? TRON’s optimum value sits around $0.20 based on its peak price during the January cryptocurrency boom, sitting just short of $0.07 at the moment suggests that this target is a way off. 10,000 transactions per second however does input a high multiplier into the equation and realistically without being too optimistic, we could see TRON reach $0.10 leading up to the launch of the MainNet, with the potential to breach this further and reach $0.15 should the roll out be a success. TRON has always been followed by a sense of optimism, its tame performance of late should not be underestimated. Soon enough, we will see the status of this currency change. Whether it's for better or worse, we can’t tell just yet. For now, hold on, the 31st of May awaits us. Featured Image Original Source: Pixabay

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