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Ripple Gains A New Bank On A Weekly Basis

Ripple Gains A New Bank On A Weekly Basis
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In some of the most important news surrounding Ripple this year, the firm’s Global Head of Banking has stated that Ripple is partnering with a new bank or payment service provider every week. Marjan Delatinne, who has previously worked at SWIFT, made the revelation at a recent cryptocurrency summit. She has previously outlined her vision for Ripple, praising its ability to instantly move money around the world and discussing her satisfaction with the so-called “internet of value” – the ability to move funds instantly around the world using the exchange of data. Exponential growth
The fact that a former SWIFT business director and employee for over ten years would make the leap to Ripple should be more than enough to convince even ardent XRP naysayers to recognise the importance its contribution is set to make to the world economy. SWIFT is currently regarded as the default standard for moving money around the globe – but it’s slower, less cost-effective and generally more cumbersome than the technology used by Ripple. Real-world solutions One of the biggest factors surrounding Ripple’s implementation among emerging markets is its real-world value and ability to facilitate the fast, easy movement of finances. While other digital currencies may hold their value because they operate outside of the current financial institutions, Ripple XRP attracts plaudits for being a useful tool within the very same organisations the likes of Bitcoin were designed to operate independently from. Potential for increase Leaving the morals and ethics of crypto aside, there can be no denying that Ripple XRP could potentially net its current investors a lot of money if the implementation by some of the largest finance companies in the developing world continues at its current rate. Now is probably a great time to invest for those who haven’t already considered the benefits of Ripple XRP. Source:

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