Litecoin Is More Popular Than Ripple

Litecoin Is More Popular Than Ripple

has long been the third most popular cryptocurrency, but a recent survey suggests that this might not be the case for much longer. The survey, which was carried out on 1,000 US millennials said Bitcoin was number one, followed by Ethereum and Litecoin. Rather interestingly, none of the people interviewed said Ripple in their top choice. The research said;

“9.19% of Millenials (18-34) would invest the $10,000 in cryptocurrencies, compared to 4.04% of Generation Xers (35-54) and 3.08% of Baby Boomers (55+).”

Generally this comes as no surprise; however, the disregard for Ripple definitely is. Bitcoin is very much a household name when it comes to cryptocurrencies, so therefore its top position is very much safe. Millennials are very keen on investing in cryptocurrencies, despite the fact that the price is so volatile, and they have also seen a lot of negative energy, and it is definitely something that has lost value, but this has not stopped some experts from predicting huge things to happen to cryptocurrencies. So, just why did Ripple come out so badly in this survey. Ripple is not particularly well known in America, however, the size of the survey is not large enough to know whether this would have affected the results or not. The reason for this popularity is more likely to come from the fact that Ripple burst onto our scene properly last year, and is now settling down, which is making it appear that it is losing popularity. You could also say that it simply has not been around for long enough to put Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin’s popularity to the test. Featured Image Original Source: Pixabay  

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