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How Abstract Art Can Earn You Cryptocurrency

Andy Bauch has released a new series of painting, titled, ‘New Money’, which combines art and crypto, by hiding abstract codes in his Lego artwork. The codes are private keys to cryptocurrency wallets that contain as much as $9000 worth of cryptocurrencies each.

If you buy a piece of art from this series, you will not own the private key, and he says that anyone who figures out the code can take the money for themselves, but he has revealed that he will give a hint of the code to anyone who purchases his art.

His exhibit will be displayed at the Castelli Art Space in LA and will display a live feed of the changing prices of the currencies held in the private key. The codes appear to still be uncracked, as all the money is still in the wallets.

Bauch himself is interested in cryptocurrencies, and for this particular project, he started buying different cryptocurrencies and used these private keys to generate an abstract pattern through an algorithm.

When speaking of his art projects, Bauch revealed that he likes to push his artwork, saying that he likes to and attempts to;

“span this gap that often exists between new technology and humanity.”

There is more to this though, and it highlights how the blockchain technology, which is behind cryptocurrencies can actually help the artist in claiming ownership of their projects.

Featured Image Source: Pixabay

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