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2030, The Year Of The Cryptocoin

2030, 12 years from now and a vision of hover boards, autonomous cars and robot butlers. Whatever your vision of the future holds, I expect it includes some sort of digital money or cryptocurrency.

Thomas Frey, author and futuristic visionary predicts that 2030 will see a turning point for cryptocurrency, with cryptocurrency replacing national currencies.

According to Time, Frey is set to outline his vision in a report to the Federal Reserve in September. In this report, he will discuss the efficiencies of cryptocurrency and expects that by 2030, 25% of the worlds currencies will be totally replaced by cryptocurrency.

Dr James Canton of the Institute for Global Futures seconds Frey’s vision, stating that “The rise of cryptocurrencies over the past couple years represents the legitimization of a new asset class emerging alongside the traditional global economy”.

It’s pretty hard to imagine not having a national currency, imagine going to the shop for a bottle of milk, arriving at the till and being presented with an array of cryptocurrency payment methods? It would turn a pretty benign shopping trip into a real investment opportunity, which currency should you use in order reduce the overall price of the milk?

Whilst this vision of 2030 does offer a simple solution to regular paper money, I just can’t get my head around how consumers/shops will decide which cryptocurrency to use, is it up to the customer, or does the shop limit your options for you? What if you only have Bitcoin but the shop selling the milk only accepts Ethereum?

Maybe over the next 12 years, I’ll have time to work it out.

Dr Canton believes this uncertainty is part of the beauty of cryptocurrency, he says: “I see crypto investments similarly to how I see traditional investments in stocks and bonds, which go through cycles, while there is more volatility in cryptocurrencies, it’s a worthy area for people to experiment with their investment portfolios really carefully.

”Essentially, both Canton and Frey believe that the freedom cryptocurrencies can offer will be the driving force behind them chasing out national currencies, giving people true opportunities to purchase and invest in fine detail, allowing them to get the absolute best price for their milk, and, probably, the best price for their hover boards, autonomous cars and whatever else 2030 promises to bring.

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  1. Well, BTC & ETH (plus all what hasn’t arrived yet) will be used as a Reserve Value. We’ll be having a sort of Bitcoin Standard or Ethereum Standard (like Gold Standard style) and major ALTcoins will be clubbed together in a sort of “Visa/Master Card Club”.
    Nowadays, a great number of new coins get enlisted in crypto-exchanges and tons of new Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are born every month.
    Of course, barely a 5% of this crypto crowd will be alive few years down the line as we witness them today.
    Following a sort of socio-economic Darwinism, “survivor” Coins will be the ones making everyday life easier.
    Coins & dApps (decentralized Apps) solving major problems of today (mostly problems of transition from the pre-internet world as Big Data, ID systems, Medical records, Trustworthy business partners) will become part of our everyday life and we won’t think anymore about them as “how much is its dollar exchange rate”, we’ll use them and that’s it, the value will be intrinsic (think of the first traveller cheques issued or Letter of Credit and now cancel the Bank Fees from the equation. And this is possible because you don’t need a “trustworthy intermediary” anymore, you have the Blockchain).
    Economy will be more “service-oriented” than “product/brand-oriented” and this will result in a market more consumer-friendly.
    We can imagine a future where fiat currencies (centralized coins) can still have some room, but yet international Financial institutions and National Banks like ECB, BoE, BoJ, FED will need to adopt Crypto for their Reserves.
    Of course, the major utility cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) and infrastructure cryptocurrency (Ethereum) will be the “chosen” to substitute actual Dollar Reserves & stand next to Gold reserves thanks to 3 main aspects: 1.Blockchain Tech which means Decentralization, which means P2P interactions, which means no third party manipulation; 2. Pathfinders Advantage, which in IT means being billions of dollars ahead of the competition, which means no one can afford challenging their positions; 3. Acceptance, which means once the “bubble” will blow out, most ALTcoins will be blown away, but the major will remain and earn dominance in the market, a market that once stabilized will lose today’s aura of “Wild Wild West” and become finally seen for the real value it has to add to our society (like the internet after the DotCom Crisis).
    If the Internet Revolution brought us the New Economy, Cryptocurrencies will bring us a New Economic/Financial Order.
    Welcome to the New World!


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