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Will The Trinity Wallet Help IOTA?

Will The Trinity Wallet Help IOTA?
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IOTA Keyring Isolated Comic Style A recent innovation in wallet applications has been released by Charlie Varley. Formerly known by the name of UCL wallet (after Varley’s alma mater, University College London), it has now been branded as the Trinity wallet, and is intended to act as an alternative to the existing IOTA wallets currently available to the community. These wallets consist of IOTA’s own official desktop wallet, and a third party IOTA wallet developed for the Android operating system. Originally starting out as a one-man development project, members of the IOTA community have been quick to spot the potential of a cross-platform application for mobile devices acting as an IOTA wallet alternative, and many of the community’s developers have joined with Varley to help him develop the project further, adding a large number of new and added features to the Trinity Wallet, and speeding up the development process exponentially. The altcoin community, as well as the IOTA Foundation itself, the German-based organisation that develops and supports the IOTA tokens, have shown an interest. Black Wallet Isolated on white Background The non-profit organisation recently announced that it would be absorbing Varley’s innovative new wallet technology into their infrastructure. Not only that, they will be hiring Varley and his team of key developers to the Foundation, as they are keen to put their resources firmly behind a project that can offer so much to their community of IOTA users. As with the existing Official Desktop wallet, Trinity will be open-source, which will require the tidying up of the current codebase in order to make it readable to third-party coders who wish to develop it further, tweak it, or move it in a different direction. The IOTA Foundation has always prided itself on its interaction with its community and believes that this level of transparency in its wallet applications will lead to even further community engagement. Original Image Source: Flickr Sponsored by Iconiq Lab ICO Banner

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