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Will Ripple Be Worth $10 By The End Of The Year?
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Will Ripple Be Worth $10 By The End Of The Year?

Ripple Cryptocurrency Logo on Chalkboard Ripple is the 3rd largest and most popular crypto coin by market capitalisation. It is a POS coin, which means proof of stake. This means that all of the coins that are in circulation now were automatically generated. It is a virtual currency that is primarily used by banks and other financial institutions and is currently worth less than $1. This has been predicted to rise though, and experts are saying that it could go up to as much as $10 before the year is out. Ripple provides transparency for banks, allowing its users to make transactions anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world nearly instantaneously. The price of Ripple has already increased since the banks started using it. Ripple is excellent for emerging markets, and is perfect for low retail and corporate payments. It is unlike Bitcoin in as much as it does not store any money, and instead just transacts it. As more and more banks become interested in this virtual currency, and it becomes more widely accepted, the price will simply keep on rising as well. It is currently at $38million dollars, and many think that this will increase by a whopping ten times before the end of the year. Ripple Crypto Logo on Watch Now is a really good time to be hanging on to your Ripple. It is being sold at a really cheap price, and if the experts are right, your investment will be worth a lot more by the end of the year. Just like any investments within the crypto world, it pays to be patient, which is unfortunately what a lot of people lack! Selling your coins early as soon as you see a dip in price can be a decision that you later live to regret. The increase might seem like a modest amount, but it is a lot more realistic than the sources that say it will hit over $100 per coin. Image Source: Pixabay Sponsored by Iconiq Lab ICO Banner

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