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Phoenix Takes The Risk And Volatility Out Of Cryptocurrencies

One of the main problems with investing in cryptocurrencies is the risk thanks to the volatility of the price. When we take virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin, in this year alone we have seen huge dips in price over a short amount of time, which leaves people feeling nervous about investing. But, there might be an answer to this, which removes this volatility, therefore making investment into cryptocurrencies far less risky.

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The answer comes in the form of Phoenix, a decentralised autonomous organisation, which has been based on  blockchain technology and offers a completely transparent financial algorithm. Customers are already seeing a significant ROI, and this is because of regular, reliable payouts. Any financial transactions that are conducted on the Phoenix platform will be processed by Ethereum Virtual Machine, and these smart contracts allow automated payments, whilst guaranteeing that all participants are obeying the same rules.

So why is Phoenix so appealing? It offers maximum profits with minimum financial risk, which is controlled by the Ethereum smart contract – an independent and unchangeable code. So unlike ICO’s, users are not obliged to take long-term financial risks. The smart contracts also monitor all transaction history.

Phoenix is so secure as well, and this is also down to the smart contract technology. Nobody, including Phoenix has access to your personal financial information. When you invest in Phoenix, you will receive an independent contract, which means that no one else in involved in the process and it is just you and the decentralised platform. The smart contract code has no expiration date and can be viewed and audited at any time, but in theory, as long as the rounds are successfully completed, you will always make a profit.

It might all sound too good to be true, but so far it has had only positive feedback.

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  1. Yeah, you’re right, it does sound too good to be true! And in the world of crypto, it usually is.

    It offers maximum profits with minimum financial risk? Really? Phoenix take all the risk (i.e. they guarantee I won’t lose a penny) and give the maximum reward (i.e. they guarantee I won’t lose a penny)? Come on now, if you believe that, I have some magic beans to sell you


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