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LINE Are Launching A Cryptocurrency Exchange

LINE Are Launching A Cryptocurrency Exchange
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LINE Corporation Logo on White Background LINE Financial Corporation, which was established by the LINE Corporation comes soon after LINE Pay, which is a mobile money transfer and payment service which is offered on the app. They are trying to break into the financial market, which is going well so far, as 450 billion Yen has been transacted through the LINE Pay. The LINE app is well known for paying a lot of attention to security. However, despite this, they are constantly researching new technologies in order to improve the security of the services some more. They are even hiring experts in blockchain technology to ensure that their customers are getting the best service possible. NEM Cryptocurrency Logo Comic Style They announced the news of their cryptocurrency exchange just after the news hit that over $500million worth of NEM had been stolen from Coincheck. It has attracted over 40million people already. When you compare this to Coincheck’s 13 million users, if the exchange takes off, it could be one of the biggest exchanges in the whole world. LINE have predicted that they will not take long to create the multi-feature digital coin exchange app, thanks to the financial backing that it already has. It has competition, as Japan has some of the best developed digital coin exchanges in the world; however, the designers are using this to their advantage, and using their peers to get help in how to set up a virtual currency. Image Source: Wikipedia Commons Sponsored by Iconiq Lab ICO Banner

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