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IOS Token Better Than Ethereum?

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IOS Token is a new cryptocurrency that is quickly finding itself among the top and most popular of the virtual currencies.

IOS Token claims to be a secured and scalable blockchain that actually works. They use their innovative Efficient Distributed Sharding Technology, which essentially partitions the network into sub spaces. It does this by randomly assigning different nodes to work together. It does this in order to make the system faster and more efficient.

The developers are using some of the latest technology to really make this system the best it can be. What really makes IOS Token stand out among other cryptocurrencies is their brand new Consensus Mechanism. Instead of proof of stake, they are using proof of believability which just takes the former slightly further than before.

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The team behind this new cryptocurrency feature some of the best in the business. Between them, they have worked on an impressive number of projects and have heaps of experience behind them, so it is easy to see why people are jumping on the IOS Tokens and are very keen to invest in them.

Their aim for 2018 is to launch the MVP Private test, the implementing and testing EDS before finally releasing the IOS smart contract document draft later on this year. They already have a whole host of high profile investors under their belts, including Matrix and Sequoia.

They have a really good idea on their hands, but as yet, there is no working prototype, which has led to some negative speculation as to whether this project can truly work. The token is available on a number of different exchanges, and despite not having been launched yet, there is a lot of interest in the token, which has caused the price to soar in recent weeks.

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