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How Blockchain Technology Will Affect These Popular Industries

How Blockchain Technology Will Affect These Popular Industries
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The internet has massively changed the way in which we work, and has seen the introduction of many new virtual markets that would simply not be able to exist without it. Rather notably; blockchain technology has been one of the most influential technologies in recent years, and there is no denying that it has and will continue to change the way in which we view certain things. Purple Blockchain Concept With Physical Chain There are some industries though that have experienced more of an impact thanks to this emerging technology. Real Estate: The real estate market has been massively affected by the emergence of blockchain technology. This is because the industry is a firm believer of, ‘if it ain’t broke…don’t fix it’. However, blockchain technology can transform global real estate by bringing a layer of effectiveness and efficiency. This is because it can keep a permanent record of ownership, which eliminates the task of the realtor finding you a property which fits all of your needs. Virtual reality technology also means that you do not have to visit a home to look around it. If you are a landlord, you can also use blockchain technology to draw up contracts between the landlord and tenant. Music And Entertainment: Blockchain and virtual reality are already being used to solve some of the biggest problems in the music industry, which could cause a huge amount of disruption. Companies, such as CEEK have been working on virtual worlds for high profile musicians, and believe that they could solve the spatial problem that requires artists to perform at live events at a consistently high performance level. Using their virtual reality technology, the reach of live events can be hugely expanded, as the viewer can experience the performance as if they were watching it live. Earphones With Blurred Phone in Background Healthcare; Although up until now, this industry has remained incredibly sceptical, a combination of virtual reality and blockchain technology could significantly increase the quality of care that people are receiving. Medical students can gain experience in theatre, by using a virtual reality set that allows them to practise on virtual bodies, instead of animals, and blockchain technology can make the healthcare system much more secure. Not only this, but the technology can also store extensive medical records, including the medical history, treatments, and recommendations. Travel: The travel industry is long over due for a change, as it has worked in the same way for decades. Blockchain technology has been threatening to change this though, and one particular startup, Cool Cousin is attempting to bridge the information gap for travellers, and plans to do this by creating a network of localised tour guides, allowing the user to get reliable information. Cool Cousin is still in the pre-ICO stage, but since it launched in mid 2016, it has gained incredibly growth. Image Source: Wikipedia Commons Sponsored by Iconiq Lab ICO Banner

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