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5 Reasons Why NEO Is The New King Of Crypto

5 Reasons Why NEO Is The New King Of Crypto
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Despite being one of the lesser known digital currencies, NEO is poised to become the new king of cryptocurrency in 2018. A bold statement, you might think. Well, let’s see what NEO has to offer. NEO Cryptocurrency Logo on Crown Black Background 1. Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) returns NEO is a platform, rather than a currency. It offers a stable and secure blockchain for independent projects to utilise for their own purposes, be it data transfers, smart contracts, digitising of assets, or creating their own altcoins for start-up ICO funds. In this last area, it has proven a tremendous success with ICO values reaching as high as 800% growth, a smart investment for speculators, and a sound way for enterprises to fund their business. 2. Low exchange visibility This might seem to be a detriment, but for a company that relies on blockchain investment for its revenue more than its trading value, it is a definite bonus. A low ranking on the exchange means you don’t get bull investors jumping aboard for a quick profit. The people you partner with are interested in your stability, your long-term growth, and your viability as a tech partner. With over 20 ICOs lined up in the near future on the NEO network, it’s a principle that clearly works. 3. Easy staking As with many altcoins that utilise the blockchain to auto-verify transactions, NEO users can stake some of their assets for use by the system, and get dividends from the work and the profit produced via the transactions. Unlike other altcoins, you need not extra hardware or software to do this. You just need to keep your coins in your wallet, and you’ll reap the rewards. This is very appealing to new investors who are perhaps less tech-savvy. 4. Community Neo Cryptocurrency Logo on a Sunflower Outside The NEO community has grown exponentially since the last quarter of 2017 as interest in the project has increased. In the smaller profile cryptocurrencies, a strong community is essential for disseminating information and for sustaining a currency in the altcoin rankings. 5. Value We’re not just talking price here. NEO has a market cap of just over $7 billion at time of writing, which pretty much ensures it is here to stay (most altcoins wither and die before hitting the $1 billion mark). Its current price of $111.00 per coin is healthy in the current mark and shows signs of continuous and stable growth as more ICOs are generated using the blockchain. Source: Sponsored by Iconiq Lab ICO Banner

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