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These Cryptocurrencies Have Brand Named Partners

These Cryptocurrencies Have Brand Named Partners
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With many predicting that cryptocurrency is a bubble waiting to burst, economic experts have been stating for some time now that they need to instill a level of stability into the scene. Some of the biggest names in the altcoin industry seem to have taken heed, and several of them are now partnering with some impressive global brands. Here are just five of them: Elevated Blue Bitcoin Symbol Textured Bitcoin As the most valuable and most recognised cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin has already developed a history of business partnerships, going back to 2014 when it joined up with such names as PayPal, Intuit, DISH Network and Microsoft, with all of them allowing purchases through their services via bitcoin. Ethereum Ethereum has managed to gather such heavyweights as Microsoft, Mastercard, Intel, JPMorgan Chase, BP, and Credit Suisse to test their blockchain technology and see if it has applications in their own industries. With their innovative smart contracts, Ethereum seems a popular consideration for the business world. Ripple Among the best-performing digital currencies of last year, Ripple has also been partnering its blockchain technology, aiming specifically towards financial services, and has secured a pair of brand-name partners as a result. Both American Express and money transfer provider MoneyGram have formed partnerships with Ripple for its cross-border transfer system. Stellar Cryptocoin Logo on White Background Stellar Whilst Ripple is focussing on the big banks and financial institutions, Stellar has announced a pair of major partnerships for its blockchain - currency exchange service KlickEx and computing behemoth IBM. The computer company intends to use Stellar’s blockchain technology to ease through the billions of dollars in overseas payments it generates, which are currently held back by the outdated cross-border transactions of fiat currencies. Qtum Despite being a relative unknown, Qtum has not only announced two major partnerships, it has another three lined up for 2018. Qtum has partnered with one of China’s largest search engine providers (Qihoo 360) as well as one of its most popular media player developers (Baofeng Bokocloud) and they claim this is only the beginning. Image Source: Pixabay Sponsored by Iconiq Lab ICO Banner

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