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These Blockchain Startups That Might Actually Help The World

These Blockchain Startups That Might Actually Help The World
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Fintech Word-cloud With Globe Overlay It’s difficult to imagine your everyday life with no access to financial services – no banks, no credits cards, no personal loans – and yet this is the reality for over a quarter of the world’s population, a shocking statistic that illustrates the disparity between established and developing economic markets. With blockchain development in the ascension, much has been made about how it can be applied to all sorts of uses, not just cryptocurrency transactions. Here are three companies who all have a plan to utilise that technology to allow every person with an internet connection financial access, wherever they happen to live. MicroMoney MicroMoney is a micro-loans organisation based in Asia, with operations in Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Thailand. It claims to be the first credit bureau to utilise blockchain, and its vision is to improve conditions for all unbanked people who lack the necessary access to regular lending options such as personal loans and credit cards. Users of the service are assessed on their trustworthiness by an algorithm that scans their phone to determine their likelihood of repaying the debt. The funds are paid out in Bitcoin, making repayment a simple matter of another transaction on the blockchain. It is an innovative and imaginative solution, and the company hopes to expand into Malaysia, Hong Kong and China in the near future. Covesting Student Writing on Classroom Board Covesting is a blockchain based investing solution that is looking to educate people around the world about cryptocurrency, in the hopes that it will be adopted globally in order to facilitate financial freedom for all. It is an asset management platform built on the notion of social investing, community and education, providing informational resources to anyone who wishes to access them, to educate themselves on how digital currency works. Using this system, customers will follow the movements of professional traders and be able to benefit directly from their decisions. Bankera Bankera is one of the few financial institutions that works with both fiat and cryptocurrencies, using blockchain technology to facilitate transactions in both. It aims to bring a greater sense of credibility to altcoins and make their financial services available globally to all. Image Source: Flickr Sponsored by Crowd Genie ICO - Singapore Licensed Blockchain Asset Exchange

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