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Japan Now Has A Cryptocurrency Pop Group

If you wanted more proof that cryptocurrencies are becoming more accepted in daily life, it is Japan’s latest trend. Kasotsuka Shojo, which translates as Virtual Currency Girls, is a J-pop group, where each of the girls, of which there are eight, represent one of the larger digital monetary formats. It certainly is one way to ensure that your music will stand out; after all, Cryptocurrencies have definitely dominated the news for the previous year.

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The new girl group, performed for the first time on the 12th January, and in order to watch this concert, you naturally, had to pay in cryptocurrency to be one of the few members of the public to enter, where you would certainly get to hear the groups first single which is aptly titles; “The Moon and Virtual Currencies and Me”, which does have a serious message behind it, warning listeners about the perils of fraud and highlights how important it is to have good online security.

The premise behind Katsosuka Shojo is to promote the idea that cryptocurrency is not a tool of speculation and should instead be viewed as a means of creating a wonderful future. Japan has long been a supporter of cryptocurrencies and in particular, Bitcoin. It even has legal recognition and hosts one of the worlds largest cryptocurrency exchanges, so it is fairly likely that there is a gap in the market for a group of this nature.

Perhaps the real questions should be how long will a band of this nature last. Cryptocurrency in its nature is incredibly volatile, so will a band that is focused around this topic suffer the same fate? Only time will tell.

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