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Buy a bucket of KFC with Bitcoin

Buy a bucket of KFC with Bitcoin
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On January 11th, for one day only, customers were able to spend their cryptocurrency at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Forget secret spices and value meals, the company have found a new way to grab the public's attention. The fast food super chain doesn't appear to be worried about jumping on the Bitcoin trend to gain some attention for their brand, and they're one of many companies who have realised that associating themselves with Bitcoin might be a better idea than people initially thought. KFC Drive Thru Sign With Sky in Background At 3 p.m on January 11th 2018, the Canada branch of KFC rebranded the standard $20 bargain bucket into the 0.0041 Bitcoin bargain bucket, or, they've said in a statement released today, “whatever its ever-fluctuating value happens to be at the moment.” This exciting news comes at a time when Bitcoin's value has risen to an all-time high, making new headlines in the media and online world every day. KFC released the value of their Bitcoin bucket on Facebook Live, making it available for Canadians to track as the rates fluctuate. Canadians who trade Bitcoin were able to visit the KFC website (where you could also purchase a whole host of different KFC merch, who knew?) to exchange their Bitcoin for a bucket of KFC's finger lickin' good chicken. The goods are to be delivered between January 12th and January 18th. Although there's something lacking in the novelty of ordering your KFC a few days in advance, the company's choice to engage with the currency highlights the continuing trend of Bitcoin's journey into the mainstream, which seems like a positive for cryptocurrencies. But, as exciting as all of this is, we can't help but wonder what the old Colonel would think? Image Source: Flickr Sponsored by Iconiq Lab ICO Banner

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