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Bitcoin Accepted As A Church Offering

The number of potential uses for Bitcoin keeps on rising, as a Swiss church has announced its intention to accept donations in Bitcoin.

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Local media has featured interviews with Nicolas Legler, spokesperson for Zurich’s ICF Church, who has put his faith in the high flying cryptocurrency amid widespread fears that the commodity’s meteoric rise bears all the hallmarks of a bubble.

Previously a relative novelty, the online currency which uses blockchain to share digital information without it being copied had for years been used primarily by tech enthusiasts, national governments and people who value its ability to pay anonymously. However, since early 2017 the currency has experienced a massive spike in its value – rising to as much as $13,000 a coin before dropping back to $12,000 amid a period of instability.

The rise of Bitcoin has continued from strength to strength as it becomes more accepted as a real, tradable asset by banks and fiscal authorities, competing against global commodities heavyweights like oil, gold and the US dollar. With more acceptance among the financial community, the more its value grows, as it becomes clear that it is here to stay on the markets – with several imitators attempting to cash in on the crypto gold rush.

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Nicholas Legler said: “Digital currencies and the blockchain technology will change our daily lives more and more in the next years… cryptocurrencies will be implemented, be it Bitcoin or other currencies controlled by the State. We are convinced that this technology will soon belong to our daily lives.”

This news is yet more Bitcoin-related gossip coming from Switzerland, as it looks to become a world cryptocurrency trading hotspot by adopting friendly fiscal policies. Swiss cities have been exploring the possibility of accepting payment in Bitcoin, while a Chinese Bitcoin ‘mining’ firm is opening a branch in the nation.

The Evangelical church promotes itself as an adopter of modern technology and has the option to buy books, podcasts merchandise and online courses, as well as to make donations via its shop. This contributes the majority of the church’s income.

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