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Australia’s Bondi Brothers Quit Their Day Jobs And Commit To Crypto Trading

Australia’s Bondi Brothers Quit Their Day Jobs And Commit To Crypto Trading
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Bitcoins Sitting on Laptop With Chart in Background Daniel Colosi and Stephen Lenoci, a pair of Australian investors who operate under the moniker of the Bondi Brothers, have been making waves in the cryptocurrency markets. If their claims are to be believed, the pair make, on average, a cool AUD$2,000 a day solely through the trading of various digital currencies. The Bondi Brothers are relative newcomers to the scene, having only purchased their initial stock of altcoins within the last year, but they have swiftly become recognised as experts in the world of cryptocurrency trading. Their initial investment of AUD$5,000 has soared to a little under AUD$200,000 and, should they be able to continue making profits at their current pace, the pair could be millionaires by the end of 2019. While perhaps not the overnight success the world might associate with market experts, it is a steady flow of revenue which is not to be sniffed at. Bitcoins in a Row on Glass While they could see the potential in cryptocurrency trading, the Bondi Brothers did not commit to their venture straight away, largely because they had little knowledge and no experience of this particular financial arena. It took a mutual friend to help convince them of the money to be made in trading altcoins. While there is doubtless a lot of money to be made in the trading of digital currencies, if recent spikes and dips in value have taught us anything, it is that there's also a lot of money to be lost. The Bondi Brothers’ secret was to leave the pesky monitoring of the markets to a third party, rather than trading directly themselves. There are many such services and, though the Bondi Brothers remain tight-lipped on the one that operates their investments for them, most of the activities these providers undertake are the same across the board, trading one cryptocurrency for another when the fluctuations in price are at their most advantageous. While it still takes a certain amount of capital to start investing in digital currency, the Bondi Brothers prove that, with the right support from other experts in the field, there is the potential to rake in massive profits from the trading of them. Image Source: Pexels Sponsored by Crowd Genie ICO - Singapore Licensed Blockchain Asset Exchange

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