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Anime Coin To Launch This Summer

Anime Coin To Launch This Summer
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Anime Character On White Background A new cryptocurrency is due to be released this summer reports suggest. Otaku Coin, as it will be called, has been created by one of the top online anime merchandising stores, and aims to give anime fans a new reward system. It is due to hit the crypto scene in the summer of 2018. The new coin, which has been created by Tokyo Otaku Mode, is projected to be released during the summer of 2018. The creators have said that the procedure of the system is; “…that you watch some anime, share it and review it to receive an Otaku Coin, which is said to not be worth any less than $100, and then you can use it to purchase merchandise, go to cons, or support your favourite creators.” The aim of the coin is ultimately to encourage more people to get involved with anime. The creators believe that they will be more inclined to get involved if they know that there is an incentive for watching the anime and reviewing it afterwards. The way in which the system will work is, once the review has been made, it will be looked over by a member of Tokyo Otaku Mode, to make sure that the review is valid. If they believe it to be, the user will then receive the Otaku Coin. Bitcoin in Hand With Dollars in Background The company encourages farming, a process that allows you to repeat the act of leaving reviews in order to build up Coins, saving them for later use. This new project could change the Otaku population for the better, as it will allow them to purchase merchandise that they might not otherwise be able to afford, given that it is quite expensive. Merchandise could include, figures, plushies or posters. It could also allow them to purchase tickets for cons. This will allow them to give back to those who have created the content that they love. How do you feel about the Otaku Coin. Is it something that you would invest in? Image Source: Pixabay Sponsored by Crowd Genie ICO - Singapore Licensed Blockchain Asset Exchange

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