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5 Ways Cryptocurrency Will Make The World A Better Place!

5 Ways Cryptocurrency Will Make The World A Better Place!
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Cryptocoins Illustration in a Brown Wallet Cryptocurrency is a big deal, and getting bigger all the time. With its innovative blockchain technology providing a chronological ledger of every transaction and update, its applications extend far further than just lining the pockets of investors and speculators. Here are just some of the ways that cryptocurrency is poised to make the world a better place: 1. A stable solution to financial disaster The standard currencies of certain countries around the world are in a seemingly constant state of flux, with little chance of attracting investment to correct their flailing economies. In such circumstances, switching to a more stable solution such as cryptocurrency could improve their financial certainty. 2. More efficient transfer of money The blockchain is the foundation of the cryptocurrency revolution. Transactions are not only secure and effectively anonymous but are also conducted within seconds. Should this technology be utilised with existing currencies it could change the way we bank, with transfers across the world, even in different currencies, being performed at lightning-speed. 3. Freedom of data Blockchain could also have an astounding impact on the world of science. With much critical information and data currently held by the governments and institutions that fund research, blockchain could afford the opportunity for everyone to have access to scientific data, allowing the global scientific community to share their findings and advancing research more quickly. 4. Increased accountability Yellow Bitcoin Illustration on White Background Blockchain creates an inviolable and permanent record of transactions. Any purchase or transfer can be tracked back along the chain to the original user. This eliminates most methods of money-laundering, embezzlement, and outright corporate fraud, as there is always a digital paper trail. 5. Scalability The infrastructures adopted by most companies are suited to their specific needs. While allowing some room for growth, sudden expansion often requires the installation of a whole new system. Blockchain technology allows for any data structure to be upscaled or downscaled in line with the company’s fortunes. With so many possibilities, it's little wonder that blockchain and cryptocurrency continue to be an industry to keep an eye on. Image Source: Flickr Sponsored by Fund Platform ICO Banner

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