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5 Cryptocurrencies You Need To Take Notice Of
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5 Cryptocurrencies You Need To Take Notice Of

Some cryptocurrencies are definitely better known than others. Take Bitcoin for example. Even if you do not religiously follow virtual currencies, you have probably heard of Bitcoin. It was the original and arguably the most popular of the coins. However; it is not always the popular ones that fair the best. Here are just five other coins that we believe you should definitely be backing this year. 1) Litecoin This was created to be a faster version of Bitcoin, and is growing at an astronomical rate. Last year alone, the price of Litecoin increased by more than 7,000 percent, but at just $250 per coin, it makes it much, much cheaper than Bitcoin, leading it to be the more appealing choice. 2) Ethereum Ethereum has the third largest market share of a virtual currency after Bitcoin. It differs from others though and is a software program and a programming language, which allows people to use it to create new apps. Ether, the currency that runs through Ethereum can be sold, bought or traded like any other digital currency. So, you are effectively just getting more for your money. 3) ZCash This is a much more secure cryptocurrency, which in a volatile sector is incredibly appealing. It has been built on the existing work from Bitcoin, to enable privacy preserving transaction data. This currency is relatively new, launching in 2016, but thanks to its unique features is definitely a cryptocurrency to keep your eye on. 4) Dash This is formally known as Darkcoin, and was created in 2014. Its value increased by a whopping eight percent last year, and is definitely one to watch in the coming year ahead. It works in a similar way to Bitcoin, where the tokens can be transferred to prepaid debit cards, which allow you to freely spend them. Three stores are even accepting Dash directly for payment of their goods. One of the main differences from Bitcoin is that the currency can be sent instantaneously. 5) Ripple This has become the second biggest cryptocurrency after taking over Ethereum. It is one of the most affordable ways to invest in cryptocurrencies as well, as each coin costs just $2.34, which makes it so appealing to those who are interested in the field. This virtual currency boasts that it is different to others as it has links to existing banks and pre-existing financial institutions. Bank of America is just one of the 100 banks to use Ripple’s payment systems. Image Source: Pexels Sponsored by

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