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Man loses $22,000 in Cryptocurrency Scam

Man loses $22,000 in Cryptocurrency Scam
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Chris Dejrit was hit by a car three years ago, which left him partially disabled. Due to him being unable to work, he invested the little money that he had left into Digital Currency. Dejrit claimed that “The returns are phenomenal.” However, when he was having problems buying a certain type of Cryptocurrency he called customer support. Or so he thought. “He needed access to my computer, so I gave him access to my computer and it was a big mistake. I gave him the password,” said Dejrit. Within minutes of giving access to the supposed customer support, his accounts that were worth $22,000 dwindled to less than $5. “I said this is not right,” said Dejrit. Justin Newton is The CEO of Netki, which is a company that helps other companies which work in Cryptocurrency, has warned investors that they should only interact with known support agents. “Bring to it the same kind of caution, or same kind of skepticism that you would to any type of financial tool or investment,” said Newton. Justin also said that Digital Currency can be a highly profitable investment, however it can also be a risky one and the decision to buy into these currencies should not be taken lightly. “While they have seen a lot of appreciation in value recently, people still shouldn’t invest more in them than they can afford to lose,” said Newton. Dejrit hopes that other investors will learn from his mistake, now that he has lost his life savings though a moment of naivety. He says, “Do not give out the code to nobody,” and “Do not let nobody do remote access to your computer.” Chris now hopes to raise funds to regain the money which he lost in the scam through a GoFundMe page. Sponsored by

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