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Last Minute Christmas Shopping? Give Bitcoin.

Last Minute Christmas Shopping? Give Bitcoin.
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If you are looking for last minute stocking fillers, giving Bitcoin just became a lot easier, and it’s all down to two British entrepreneurs. Laurence Kemball-Cook and Louise Doherty wanted to give Bitcoin as a gift, but found themselves unable to, as there were no facilities to fulfil this. They decided start their own business, making a website that allowed anyone to gift Bitcoin to friends and family all with a simple click – much like buying something from Amazon. Kembull-Cook quashed any views that the Bitcoin bubble will burst soon, rendering their business useless, by saying; “They said it was a bubble three years ago…Everyone will have a Bitcoin account in the future. We’re on the cusp of a revolution.” Their website works, and relies on doing all of the hard work for them. They will buy the Bitcoin on the buyers behalf, giving them a gift voucher in return. They will hold the Bitcoin on the person’s behalf until they redeem it, when they will cash the Bitcoin in at whatever price it is worth at the time. Customers can buy £10, £50 or £100 worth of Bitcoin for £25, £70 and £130 respectively. They are charged extra for the process of buying and redeeming the Bitcoin. Kembell- Cook says; “This is for people on the fence who don’t have the time and understanding to buy.” The world of cryptocurrency is a very grey area, where many people are not only sceptical, but wo are keeping a very close eye on developments. Some have questioned the couples business, due to the quick turnaround and the fact that it has been started so close to Christmas in an area that is incredibly volatile. However; Kemball-Cook has defended the company and idea, saying; “It’s a 100% serious pay…We’ve both built companies before. We’re really excited about it. It’s doing what the two of us do every day and will be fully rehearsed and scaled…Hopefully it will be a really interesting scale up journey.”. Image Source: Flickr Sponsored by

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