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Are these The Most Pointless Cryptocurrencies?

Are these The Most Pointless Cryptocurrencies?
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There are so many cryptocurrencies around these days that it is only inevitable that there will be some that are less useful than others. Let’s start with Dirty Coin. It has been described as a “fast and discreet way to pleasure”, and is, as the name suggests the first cryptocurrency that is used in the adult industry, escort industry and any other means of pleasure. Next, there is the Prayer Token, a cryptocurrency that is “sent to god and stored on the blockchain”. It is an ERC23 token that has been backed by a real prayer. Its creator says of the virtual currency; “I don’t know if prayer works, but if it does, then you’re getting much more value out of a Prayer Token than almost every other token in existence.” Then then feel compelled to clarify; “This is not a joke, scan, or grift. I will pray for you as honestly and sincerely as possible. Most other tokens on the market just want your money – I want to save your soul!” It is unclear how this cryptocurrency actually works, or indeed saves your soul, but it probably comes as no surprise that this currency has not really taken off. Imigize surprisingly claims to be “the first online 3D shoe fitting service in the world”. It is a standard ERC20 token, which allows you to hold and transfer it. Other than that, it does very little. Despite this, it still raised $40,000 in its ICO. Next, let’s take a look Trash Cash, which rather amusingly operates underneath the slogan; “Someone’s Garbage is Someone’s Treasure”. It is described as; “The ultimate cryptocurrency to exchange all the garbage dumped in your wallet into a single token which can be traded in exchanges…now you can keep all the trash in one place”. Another pointless cryptocurrency is Sand Coin, which is quite literally a token which allows you to order high quality sand. All funds will be used to develop a sand quarry near Moscow. This is not the only pointless Russian token – there is also Milk Coin, which has been designed to raise fuds for a milk production complex. There is also a blockchain for the dentistry industry, appropriately named Dentacoin, and if we are looking at silly names for coins, consider that there is also one named Coooocoin. For those meme lovers of you out there, fear not because The Memessenger claims to be the “world’s first no-bullshit messenger with memes instead of words”! Perhaps one of the strangest of cryptocurrencies out there is the Tombcare, which aims to look at the applications for ceremonial services. They put this down to the fact that it is because it is often associated with sad circumstances, but despite this believe that it is a profitable field and that there is a gap for Uberisation. Despite the ridiculousness of some of the above cryptocurrencies, many of them have ICO’s that are still running. Image Source: bitcoinexchangeguide Sponsored by

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