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Swaziland may be the latest country to tap into cryptocurrencies

In a recent speech at an economic forum in the country, Central Bank of Swaziland (CBS) Governor Majozi Sithole confirmed the country was considering the opportunities cryptocurrencies could bring. In the speech, Sithole spoke positively about digital currencies and the potential innovation they could bring to Swaziland. He also confirmed that the country was advancing in its efforts to research how digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum could help them.

Latest comments are no surprise

These latest words from the CBS Governor should not come as a surprise to many cryptocurrency onlookers. They have been making optimistic noises around the industry since summer 2017 and seem one of the countries most interested in the possibilities they could bring. This and the latest speech has led many to believe Swaziland will be one of the next countries to buy into the digital currency market on a large scale.

CBS advises caution as well

As well as the latest positive comments from the CBS Governor Sithole, Swaziland has also previously expressed its commitment to adopting any digital currencies in the correct manner. They have confirmed that, while being optimistic in general to cryptocurrencies, they also recognise the need for proper regulation in their use. As with other countries, balancing the safety of users with the cutting-edge solutions digital currency offers is something they will have to conquer.

More research needed before Swaziland commit

Part of Governor Sithole’s latest speech confirmed that Swaziland is not yet at a point where it can make a fully informed decision on the use of digital currencies. It confirmed that the CBS felt more research was needed into how they could be introduced in a regulated and safe manner before they could be rolled out to the people of Swaziland. If it does happen, then it will be another stride toward cryptocurrencies becoming a truly global payment solution.

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