Press Release: The way to stop ICO scam - Trust Rank & Experts Platform for ICO Market!

Press Release: The way to stop ICO scam - Trust Rank & Experts Platform for ICO Market! Website About the Rate ICO RateI.CO platform which consists of experts in IT, blockchain, business & marketing, will make the ICO market cleaner and more transparent. RateI.CO will not allow potential investors to be confused by hype, Fear Of Missing Out or Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Experts from various fields will analyze and rate each ICO on a measure of trustworthiness, which potential investors can use to help guide them in their endeavors. Reviews will be available in 11 different languages. RateI.CO is currently working on new features, which include: additional parameters under which an ICO can be rated, tools for investors and ICO teams, and an internal STARS exchange. Many are currently unaware of the importance and benefits which our project brings to the sphere of ICO’s. Market problem & our solutions While many enthusiasts are turning to the ICO market, most are without resources to understand events and their significance. is currently garnering attention and interest from many investors and industry experts for its role in spreading awareness of the importance and benefits of a more critical, professional approach to ICOs. The platform consists of experts in the spheres of IT, blockchain, business, financial & marketing who are looking at the emerging ICO market with professional cautious optimism. They're a community united by one thing - experienced and sober assessment of business. We've come together to be a force to make the ICO market cleaner and more transparent. experts will not allow potential investors to be confused by hype, scare tactics, uncertainty or doubt. experts analyze and rate each new ICO against a range of metrics to measure its viability which potential investors can use as a guide in making investment choices. Reviews will be available in 11 different languages. is currently developing new features to serve the ICO market, including the creation of a set of standardized and economically proven parameters for assessing and rating ICOs, tools and metrics for investors and ICO teams and an internal STARS exchange. Offering Trust Ranking & Expert Reviews Investors and other subscribers to will be able to view and select projects according to several different indicators and ratings parameters. Auction is only one way of monetization. A portion of STR tokens will be made available as a bonus fund. offers a its platform to experts with transparent credentials who can write reviews and earn STR as a fixed fee for their reviews. The authors of the most useful reviews will receive extra incentives from a bonus fund. All submitted reviews will be distributed by to its network of experts to minimizing the possibility of conflict of interest or other misinformation that might decrease the value of the review. 1. Hundreds of experts in Business, Finance, Tech, Marketing write reviews for ICO projects. 2. Based on reviews & evaluation creates an Trust Rank, translators prepare reviews and all information in more than 10 languages. 3. ICO projects are buying STR and raise their positions and thereby form a STR budget for experts, translators, affiliate partners, good ideas for projects and etc. Token Mechanisms & Usage STR (Stars token) are based on the Ethereum Blockchain standard ERC-20 with a total supply of 60,000,000 STR Stars will used as points (bonuses) system and will not generate any equity. Stars token creates utility for platform, and with STR you can:
  • Earn STR as experts on platform
  • Earn STR as translator
  • Earn STR in affiliate program
  • Participate in an auction as ICO project
  • As points for ideas, competitions
  • Teams and ideas, its will be also as freelance platform
  • Use STR it for order tools for ICO projects & investors
  • Use for additional functionality, services, gamification
  • The beta release of what we have announced is the end of December, on the way of ICO we will announce some additional functionality.
The Profit & Financial model Combined monetization model of auction, gemification, commission from additional services and from own exchange. Users rate ICO’s on using star (STR) tokens. The more stars (STR) an ICO accumulates, the further up on the list they move. ICO’s are divided into three lists: past, current, and future. How it works In order to be included in the list, an ICO must be registered on In order to move up the list, an ICO must purchase or accumulate stars. Stars can be added to an ICO project by clicking on the “up” arrow located beside the listing for the project. All transactions are recorded in the blockchain, ensuring maximum transparency. All ICO’s included in the list will be sorted in accordance with the amount of stars they receive first, and will be able to select ICO projects according to several different indicators and ratings parameters.
  • Each ICO receives 1 star (STR) upon registration.
  • Each ICO may receive/purchase stars (STR) at any time and in any amount.
Main expenses:
  • Office and equipment
  • Platform development
  • Marketing expenses
  • Payment for experts and translators
  • Hiring the best employees in the team
  • IT Department
  • Management Department
  • Analytical department
  • Legal and consulting expenses
  • Sponsorship of various events and conferences
Why STR tokens will grow in value Blockchain technology is beginning to be implemented in various applications. However, it is obvious that the ICO phenomenon has been the most successful application so far. Currently, hundreds of new ICO projects are being launched every month. In a few short years, there will be thousands. Try to imagine how much will be rate if every ICO project will use our tokens. Benefits to the participants The opportunity to purchase tokens at a discounted rate, for after the end of the ICO, these tokens will be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. Therefore, participants will have the ability to make a significant profit. From the standpoint of futures and speculation, ICOs are definitely worth participate in. What is the logic behind the certainty If one were to look at the current state of affairs, they will notice some indicators which have never been present for all of human history. Until now: Possibilities which arose from the growth of technology, globalization, the internet, and blockchain. More specifically: - Population growth throughout the last 20 years; - The number of entrepreneurs has grown 15 times in the last 15 years; - The growth in the amount of companies; - The thousand-fold growth in the amount of data and connection shared between entities; - Geo-politically, the world is becoming uni-polar; - The rapidly increasing speed of data transfer in finance and other applications will drastically change the world we live in. - We are witnessing nonlinear and revolutionary leaps in technology on an ever-increasing basis. - The rapidly-growing number of programmers, engineers, qualified market experts, and professionals who analyze data. - The proliferation and growth of cryptocurrencies which remove all barriers involved with international business and do away with middlemen. This gives individuals and businesses alike the opportunity to utilize their resources as they see fit, without restriction. The ICO phenomenon is clear evidence to this. - The ability to set forth with key initiatives is no longer reserved to corporations, visionary leaders, or governments. Instead, this power is given to individuals united around a common idea. This used to be close to impossible, but new and revolutionary technological developments have made it possible. The previously stated points are a testimony to the fact that the world is not standing in one place. On the contrary, the forward development of humanity, along with technology, is irreversible. As a result, the thousandfold increase in the number of new ICO projects will solidify this method as the go-to method for most, if not all future investment projects. Therefore, the utilization of and demand for STR tokens will only increase. Road Map October
  • Launched Beta MVP showcase
  • Received the first payments & ratings from users within 24 hours of launch
  • Team Building
  • ICO
  • Legal Set up
  • Additional ICO rating indicators - more indicators from which the rating of an ICO will be determined.
  • A platform for Blockchain and ICO experts. They will monetize experience
  • Votes for Experts
  • section for Advisors for ICO
  • user-friendly tools for investors and Teams
  • knowledge base
  • section for ICO Ideas & Teams for ICOs that can offer them to implement
  • Development and launch of the STARS Exchange.
  • With the help of the STARS exchange, users will have the ability to acquire other cryptocurrencies with STR tokens.
  • The addition of STARS tokens to exchanges.
  • Further development of the platform
  • The creation of a section on the platform enabling companies to find a team and advisers in order to launch their own ICO project.
  • Translations all reviews & services for 10 popular languages (Chinese, Russian, Spanish, German, Arabic, Hindi, Portuguese, Japanese, French, Korean)
Great interest in the project, which is very pleasing. Many investors call and are negotiating, many investors are ready to enter the project, but with a smaller amount. We decided to divide this 800ETH (for kick start, and marketing costs) into 400 parts for early investors: For First 10 Pioneer Investors 
  1.  2ETH - 4,000 STR (1ETH - 2000STR)
  2. 2ETH - 3,600 STR (1ETH - 1800STR)
  3. 2ETH - 3,300 STR (1ETH - 1650STR)
  4. 2ETH - 3,000 STR (1ETH - 1500STR)
  5. 2ETH - 2,800 STR (1ETH - 1400STR)
  6.  2ETH - 2,600 STR (1ETH - 1300STR)
  7.  2ETH - 2,400 STR (1ETH - 1200STR)
  8.  2ETH - 2,200 STR (1ETH - 1100STR)
  9.  2ETH - 2,000 STR (1ETH - 1000STR)
  10.  2ETH - 1,800 STR (1ETH - 900STR)
  400 positions for early investors
  •  1st 100 positions  2ETH - 1,200 STR (1ETH - 600STR)
  •  2nd 100 positions 2ETH - 1,000 STR (1ETH - 500STR)
  •  3rd 100 positions  2ETH - 900 STR  (1ETH - 450STR)
  •  4th 100 positions  2ETH - 800 STR  (1ETH - 400STR)
ICO Rate - 1STR - 150STR Now ICOs buying 1Star - 100 STR After ICO, try to imagine how much will be Rate if every ICO project will use our tokens
  • *In the comments we will write how many positions are left
  • *1 investor can buy more than 1 position Website
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