Elevates Its ICO Partnering Up With ESL and Sport1 Elevates Its ICO Partnering Up With ESL and Sport1

After an incredibly successful pre-ICO round, keeps on scoring huge wins. With a raise of more than €5 million during the pre-sale, the ICO launched last week with great momentum and new partnerships. Leading industry companies are finding great areas of cooperation with because of its innovative platform and the strength of the ecosystem it is creating. Therefore, industry leaders like ESL and Sport1 have decided to launch a partnership with to help this new cryptocurrency-based ecosystem. New Partnerships, More Growth Both ESL and Sport1 are well-established companies that have years of experience in the industry. ESL organizes some of the most renowned gaming tournaments. Being the world’s largest and oldest Esports company, its reputation precedes it. Sports1 is a privately-owned television channel covering all kinds of sporting events including Esports. Both companies are based in Germany and will help advance the platform. At the same time, the ICO and its platform will give both ESL and Sports1 unique access to a new generation of gamers, fans and enthusiasts who are increasingly looking towards blockchain technology to take their level of immersion and interaction to the next level. The Advantages of the ICO As the use-cases for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency widen, more people are enjoying the advantages. In the case of the ICO, the biggest advantage is the creation of a full gaming ecosystem, which is unprecedented in this industry. Users on the platform will be able to enjoy multiple functions in a decentralized manner, like the content community platform. On this feature for example, users will be able to share their own content and find a market for what they produce. Content producers will enjoy the following advantages:

  • Other platform users will consume this content, up-vote it or like it.
  • That will generate a source of income for the user who published the content.
  • Additionally, users will be able to get donations on the platform on top of the rewards for their content.
  • All these transactions will be denominated in ERT, the token of the platform. Continues Deepening its Ecosystem These content features along with the partnerships with ESL and Sports1, will allow the ICO to continue elevating its platform and deepening its ecosystem. In the meantime, continues to gather steam, delivering added value to its users and its partners. This is how is elevating its ICO, which will enable it to achieve all its ICO goals.
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