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Blockchain wallet to add full Bitcoin Cash support by 2018, plus SegWit

Blockchain wallet to add full Bitcoin Cash support by 2018, plus SegWit
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The creators of the Blockchain cryptocurrency wallet announced on November 15 that they will be adding SegWit and full support for Bitcoin Cash in the near future. The news came via a tweet from CEO Peter Smith, confirming the near-future plans for the popular wallet platform. There is already support for Ethereum and Bitcoin, but only limited Bitcoin Cash functionality at this time. The announcement was accompanied by a blog post, which read that 2018 is the year for the roll-out of support for SegWit within the Blockchain wallet products. The update will be a "major" and "complex" one, affecting some of the most sensitive parts of the Blockchain codebase. The changes will be across a wide variety of platforms and devices, and will have an effect on billions in user transactions, with privacy implications that would be "potentially significant". Blockchain opened up a Bitcoin Cash balance feature to users in October, around eight weeks after the fork's initial launch. The sending and exchanging tool, rudimentary though it may be, came via a partnership with ShapeShift. It appeared lacking in reliability, with common reports of freezes and other unusual behaviour during recent, more active trading periods. Users reacted to the news with some pretty strong criticism of Blockchain's priorities. Their contempt came from the choice to add Bitcoin Cash support over the much-needed implementation of SegWit for Bitcoin transactions. The explanation from Blockchain, in the blog post, goes along the lines that they feel Bitcoin Cash has already proven to be a strong presence in the market, and their view is that it's here to stay. Regardless, the SegWit implementation is on the way for Blockchain. The Bitcoin Cash support will be arriving first, but users desperate for SegWit functionality won't have to wait too long.

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