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Bitcoin Cash surges again; lead developer declares Bitcoin dead

Bitcoin Cash surges again; lead developer declares Bitcoin dead
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Bitcoin Cash has experienced another substantial growth surge as the cryptocurrency's lead developer announces the death of rival Bitcoin. This would appear to be Bitcoin life #191, as Deadal Nix tweeted on Tuesday when Bitcoin Cash began gaining momentum that the hard fork in August meant Bitcoin was already a non-entity. He claimed "Bitcoin...was split in two. There is Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core. Deal with it." This came in response to a warning about Bitcoin Cash from a prominent online commentator. The Core community responded quickly, with Charlie Shrem pointing out that Nix describes himself as a "pro sh*tlord" in his public Twitter profile. The pervading tension emerges as Bitcoin Cash is well on its way to doubling its USD value, following recent lows of $947 in November 2017. Current data accumulated from across the exchanges shows that prices are well on the way towards $1,600 per coin, yet this second manoeuvre of November is having a significantly smaller impact on Bitcoin values. Bitcoin is trading in the region of $8,200, close to the all-time highs published a few days ago. During the previous run of Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin took a nosedive, though it swiftly regained momentum to climb beyond the $8,000 mark for the first time. Meanwhile, the unusual consequences of Bitcoin Cash's "aggressive" hard fork are still in the process of playing out, with the Twitter account Bitcoin Clashic continuing to put out rallying calls for more miner support. The ongoing theatrics of the story of cryptocurrency will perpetualise its market volatility for the foreseeable future. Anyone who has been mining Bitcoins for some time will be watching with baited breath as the back-and-forth between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash continues. There are certain to be many twists and turns in the future, but it's clear that these digital currencies aren't going anywhere soon.

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