Universities Are Now Offering Blockchain Courses

Universities Are Now Offering Blockchain Courses

As a way of trying to keep up with demand, and to demonstrate just how popular cryptocurrencies are, many university across the globe have started to offer specific blockchain courses to create enough experts to meet the demands of this constantly expanding market.

Why we can’t keep up with demands…

In less than ten years, cryptocurrency has taken the world by complete storm. Regardless of what your takes are on it, there is no denying that there has definitely been a surge in the demand for blockchain professionals. In fact, data from LinkedIn; a professional networking site show that blockchain related job postings have in fact tripled in the last twelve months. Universities have recognised this increase in demand for blockchain specialists and added to their fields of study, tailoring specific courses to this high demand; however, there is still not a large enough supply of workers to meet the increased demand. Many people are simply unaware of the blockchain technology, which is why many universities around the world have been implementing Blockchain and cryptocurrency-related course to adequately prepare students for jobs in this specific industry. Schools, colleges and universities across the whole world are embracing this. In the US, NYU Law, Princeton, Stanford and UC Berkeley are among those who are now offering blockchain courses.

In Europe, the University of Cumbria, B9 Lab Academy, IT University of Copenhagen and University of Nicosia are just a handful of the higher-learning institutions that offer courses relating to this field, with Edinburgh University most recently adding a course specialising in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Both students and scholars have taken an interest in the field of blockchains, so it was the natural leap for universities to launch their own courses related to the topic. There are many students who are setting up cryptocurrency clubs at their place of study, and taking the initiative to spread knowledge that will be essential to the future of this technology.

Why the sudden interest?

The interest is less sudden, and more that the popularity of different cryptocurrencies has increased, and therefore the demand for knowledge has also increased. Traditional monetary transactions are quickly becoming dated, with some countries striving to become completely cashless, so it is only natural that we would be moving on; however, to move on with a sophisticated blockchain technology, it is important that there are people who have been properly educated on this matter.

What does the future hold?

The future looks good for cryptocurrency, with many experts predicting that it will soon be used to purchase goods and services. More companies are already accepting Bitcoin – the oldest of the cryptocurrencies for some time now, so it is only natural that others will follow suit. No institution will want to be left behind, so if major corporations are adding a blockchain technology into their companies, others will likely follow suit. But, in order to keep up with one another many large companies are looking for blockchain experts, which is why these courses are so important to keep up with the demand.

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