Health Nexus brings liquidity to medical data for the 1st time

Health Nexus brings liquidity to medical data for the 1st time


Health nexus is a decentralized rent free system that is bringing liquidity to medical data for the 1st time. The Health Nexus network has access to new resources that will help accelerate its growth further and faster than other networks, and those resources are medical data and HIPAA compliant environments. As more people join the platform this will increase the value of network not just through demand but also through more medical data being brought onto the network. As token usage increases in and more medical data is brought in, developers will become more incentivised to join the network . As more developers join, more apps will be created to utilise this unique access generating a new ecosystem and bringing more value to the community. This will restart and accelerate the cycle of growing the network. Eventually Health Nexus will quickly accelerate and become the dominant platform for Healthcare data and medical applications.


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Disclaimer this article does not constitute as investment advice or recommend any participating in any crowd sales or Initial coin offerings and is for informational purposes only.

Disclosures The author is an advisor on the Health Nexus project and an equity investor in Simplyvitalhealth

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