Blockchain And eSports: The Cornerstones Of The Millennial Economy

Blockchain And eSports: The Cornerstones Of The Millennial Economy

Understanding the marketplace, basic economic principles and the role of each player within those complex ecosystems, can take decades. When a child is born, they are slowly immersed into a world in which economic dynamics rule. Some of these children learn faster than others; there are also those who gain a deeper understanding of these dynamics than most, but the time every individual must put into the endeavor is quite extensive. Nowadays, children are being born into a world that has shifted economically towards new frontiers. Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and eSports are 3 of the pillars of this new frontier.

The Millennial at the New Frontier

Unlike new-borns who will learn these dynamics as they grow, Millennials had to adapt their knowledge to the changing reality. Some are succeeding in understanding the shift and subsequently in taking advantage of it. Others have been adapting at a slower pace, and some haven’t adjusted yet. Nevertheless, it seems that this generation might be better suited to learn about blockchain technology and the emerging industry of eSports as a cohort than previous generations.  Millennials have challenged the workforce and the economy altogether, often clashing with their seniors, precisely because adapting to the new frontier has changed the way they think. In the process they have grown into the opportunities that new technology affords them. Therefore, it is not at all strange for a Millennial to understand that someone can play games for a living, or trade the value on one distributed ledger for the value on another to make a profit.

eSports and Blockchain: The New Frontier

This degree of adaptability as a cohort and the new set of paradigms that Millennials are creating, will also help to streamline the economy into a more open, dynamic ecosystem. Therefore, eSports and blockchain technology are not just the new frontier; they can easily become the cornerstones of the Millennial economy. This could create a myriad of new marketplaces for future generations to learn about as they make their own mark on the world and shift the economy further, into the next sphere.

The Future is Bright!

As more and more Millennials adapt to these new realities, they will also find innovative ways to integrate different technologies and industries. That will create more change to adapt to, which might be harder for previous generations to digest as a cohort, while opening even more possible iterations of future economic scenarios for which the children today will already be adapted. This doesn’t mean that the world belongs to the Millennials alone. In spite of the bigger challenge they face as a cohort, Baby Boomers and Gen Xers will keep on providing brilliant individuals with more experience, who cannot only adapt to the new realities, but can also help Millennials steward the ship.  The key to success for Millennials then is to become innovators but also efficient communicators of this new economic reality that we are witnessing. Through eSports, cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and the integration of these industries, Millennials will have to play a leadership role to achieve 3 goals: the creation of a better world, with more opportunities for future generations; the integration of previous generational cohorts or members of these generations who are finding it hard to adapt; and the establishment of a new paradigm that we shall call the Millennial Economy.


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