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Sally Ho

Sally Ho

Sally Ho trades cryptocurrency markets in size for large Asian institutional funds and provides technical analysis of popular trading pairs. Sally was a Macro trader with large Asian, European, and North American banks in Hong Kong and Singapore for several years, focusing on the FX, Metals, Energy, and Derivatives markets. Sally resides in Asia, London, and Switzerland.

以太坊 / 最新消息 / 比特币 / 加幣硬幣 / 比特幣現金 / 分析 / 萊特幣

Sally Ho2019年3月28日的技术分析

以太坊 / 最新消息 / 比特币 / 加幣硬幣 / 比特幣現金 / 萊特幣

Sally Ho 2019年3月26日的技术分析

以太坊 / 最新消息 / 分析

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最新消息 / 分析

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