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Randy Hilarski

I am an expatriate who shares information about CryptoCurrency, Bitcoin and life in Panama. I have been involved in the world of Crypto since January of 2014 when I bought my first Bitcoin. Since then I have consulted with and worked directly on 15 Crypto projects. Some of them include Steemit, Decent.Bet, ZenCash, Flashcoin, Aeryus, Mandala Exchange and Bitnational. I am Blockchain agnostic meaning I don't believe there is only one true Blockchain. My hope is that we can change the world for the better with Blockchain technology. Bitcoin is my favorite store of value but I am not a Bitcoin Maximalist. Steemit Youtube

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Migranet IEO于5月16日在IDAX上发布

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Cryppick的Popup Boot Camp适用于新到加密货币的人

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Brian Wilson在Anarchapulco 2019会见Randy Hilarski