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最新消息 / 比特幣


隨著印度儲備銀行(RBI)新裁決於昨日生效,印度已成為眾多新聞頭條新聞,並且無疑將在本周繼續。 作為回顧,昨天RBI的新裁決上台,這實際上意味著交易所之間的加密貨幣交易,將不再允許FIAT貨幣。 此外,被發現處理加密貨幣的RBI的機構客戶將會被銀行關閉賬戶。 

雖然當你看到像這樣的標題時,我們不同意RBI的決定(當然不是大多數加密球crypto-sphere),但你必須對它們表示同情。 涉及印度加密貨幣的政府層面腐敗似乎很普遍,也許這是啟發RBI行動的一個因素?  

根據今天的報導,印度國民大會(INC)(印度最大的政黨)指責印度人民黨(BJP)在洗錢詐騙中使用比特幣。 根據Coindesk的說法,INC的Shaktisinh Gohil告訴印度時報:




As it stands, we don’t have any substantial evidence from either party and therefore this could simply just be a smear campaign from INC, against BJP. It would make sense, with cryptocurrencies top of the headlines in the country, a smear campaign of this nature would be very serious.

We do however have to consider how serious this is, if this is a smear campaign (which is unlikely) then INC are putting their necks well and truly on the line. The take home message from this is that this is only going to damage an already damaged reputation for Bitcoin in India. It is annoying that we have to keep battling with these sorts of stories that are only damaging the reputation of the industry worldwide.

For now, we will monitor this story and see what comes of it. If these allegations are true, the BJP are in big trouble. If not, INC will have a lot to answer for.

目前,我們沒有來自任何一方的任何實質性證據,因此這可能只是來自INC,針對BJP的誹謗運動。 這是有道理的,加密貨幣作為該國頭條新聞的首位,這種誹謗運動的性質將非常嚴重。

然而,我們必須考慮這是多麼嚴重,如果這是一個誹謗運動(這是不太可能的),那麼INC正處於關鍵時刻。 由此帶來的消息是,這只會損害已經損壞的印度比特幣聲譽。 令人討厭的是,我們必須繼續與這些僅僅損害全球行業聲譽的故事鬥爭。

現在,我們將監控這個故事,看看它是什麼。 如果這些指控屬實,人民黨BJP將陷入困境。 相反,INC將有很多答案。

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