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Wormhole’s W Token Jumps 7% Amidst Crypto Market Decline

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  • Despite a global crypto market downturn, Wormhole (W) surged by 7% to reach $0.6346.
  • Introducing Native Token Transfers (NTT) for W allows seamless use across Solana, Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Base.

In defiance of the broader downturn in the crypto market, Wormhole’s native token (W) has surged by 7% within the last 24 hours, reaching $0.6346. This spike has propelled Wormhole’s market cap to $1.14 billion, securing its position at 73rd place in the cryptocurrency rankings.

Additionally, the trading volume for W has soared by 72% in the same period, hitting $164 million. Wormhole has exhibited a price range of $0.5788 to $0.671 in the past day. Despite these gains, Wormhole is still down by 60% from its all-time high of $1.61, which was recorded on April 03, 2024. At the time of writing, Wormhole traded at $0.6361. 

What’s the Reason for the Wormhole Rally?

The key reason for the W’s price surge is Wormhole’s recent announcement of Native Token Transfers (NTT) for the W token. This innovation renders W natively multichain, available on prominent platforms like Solana, Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Base.

This update lets users move W seamlessly across these networks without dealing with liquidity issues or needing liquidity pools, all while retaining the token’s unique functionality in the Wormhole ecosystem.

The introduction of NTT marks the completion of the second phase of Wormhole’s launch roadmap, setting the stage for an innovative multichain governance system dubbed MultiGov, alongside W staking for governance purposes. These advancements lay the groundwork for future token functionalities, leveraging NTT and a native multichain token.

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